This is Your Trading Edge

Below are some of the tools we offer to keep your growing trading portfolio healthy

The Yume Wave

Actively used and loved by thousands of traders internationally, this easy-to-use indicator has been touted as “The only indicator you’ll ever need”.

Actionable Data

We collect all the market information you need from basic market  capitalisation to the best trading pairs of the week and sentiment analysis.
All the trading information you need in one place.

This is your Trading Edge.

We build collect information and build tools for you to use for your own benefit, here are some listed below.

Market Overview

View the entire cryptocurrency market with a birds eye view, never miss a opportunity again.

Custom Indicators

Custom build indicators that turn financial data into usable signals that tell you if the current price is deemed overvalued or undervalued.

Global Community

Join our community of nearly 1500 investors, traders, enthusiasts, and project developers in Discord where you can be yourself and grow your skills.


Live Interviews

We live chat with several blockchain innovators and pioneers and ask them the hard questions to uncover the best.

Trade Signals

We have free and premium trading signals build upon a transparent and proven track record.

Coin Reports

We make reports about the best cryptocurrency projects out there and combine it into a easy to use PDF.

Edge Analysis inc.

Edge Analysis is a Delaware corporation that is dedicated to helping blockchain developers and investors find success through consulting and education.

Edge Analysis Inc started in mid-2018 and bootstrapped it’s way up and is now recognised as a valued voice in the blockchain industry. From exclusive interviews with top 100 blockchain project developers to the one-on-one mentoring with high profile investors, Edge Analysis’​ reputation has grown from a prideful whisper to a loud roar.

"After going through all the tools there are out there on the internet I found EAG and I love it, never going to need another one."

– John

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